17 Clever and Pretty Products That Will Make You Want to Wash Dishes

17 Clever and Pretty Products That Will Make You Want to Wash Dishes

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Baby Bottle Drying Rackvia amazon.com

Baby Bottle Drying Rack

While actually incredibly useful, this drying rack ($20) is probably popular because its just so darn cute. The rack looks like a pad of funny, rubber grass, and it’s perfect for drying all your baby items, like breast pumps and valves, pacifiers, bottles and beyond. It’s also very easy to pack up and travel with, so your baby items always have a safe place to dry.

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Zoie+Chloe Multi-Purpose Silicone Scrapervia amazon.com

Zoie+Chloe Multi-Purpose Silicone Scraper

These cute little silicone scrapers ($7) have a multitude of uses, from scraping dough and batter out of bowls, to getting hard bits off of pots and pants, to pushing food scraps down the garbage disposal. They come in tons of colors, and their slim shape means you can easily tuck them behind your kitchen sink.

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SoldScrub Magic Silicone Scrubbing Glovesvia amazon.com

Magic Silicone Scrubbing Gloves

If you like getting hands-on, these gloves are for you. With little scrubbing pads on the actual palms and finger tips, you can get into corners that can be hard to clean with a brush or scrub pad, without drying out your hands. The gloves ($12 for two) are antibacterial, non-toxic and totally dishwasher safe.

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