Here’s How Coffee Differs Around the World

Here’s How Coffee Differs Around the World

We’ll help you find a new favorite brew.

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If you’ve ever visited a roastery (or even just scanned the coffee aisle at your local grocery store), you know how many varieties of coffee beans exist—and how many countries grow it.

We’re going to explore how coffee differs around the world. Over 50 countries produce the beloved bean, and each area has a distinguishable flavor. We’ll break down the characteristics of different beans from 10 of the top coffee-producing countries.

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Coffee from this Central American country is well-balanced with bright acidity. You’ll find Arabica beans with a sweet, chocolaty flavor. We sourced beans from Guatemala for our Test Kitchen-approved coffee blend. Find it here.

Notable variety: Guatemala Antigua Coffee

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Mexico’s rich location and natural resources make it the perfect spot for growing mostly Arabica beans. This coffee has low acidity, with a light, nutty flavor. For a traditional twist, try brewing your coffee with cinnamon.

Notable variety: Mexican Chiapas Coffee

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