The Best Wines for Your Wine Tasting Party

The Best Wines for Your Wine Tasting Party

Looking to host a wine tasting at home? These are the best wines to get your party started.

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Hosting a Wine Tasting at Home

Before we dive into the best wines for a wine tasting party, let’s talk basics. First, decide on a budget. (All of these white wines are less than $20!) Then you’ll want to pick a theme for your tasting. You can focus in on a single grape variety and how it’s expressed across different regions, pick up the same wine and compare different vintages or opt to taste a specific style (e.g. sparkling) or color. Whatever theme you choose, be sure to set up your flight from white to red, lightest to most full-bodied, driest to sweetest and youngest to oldest. New to wine tasting? Here are the best insider tips from a sommelier.

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How Many Bottles of Wine Do I Need for a Wine Tasting?

Keep your selections limited to 3 to 5 different wines to avoid palate fatigue. (It’s a thing!) There are about 25 ounces in a bottle of wine, which means each bottle can yield about 12 2-ounce pours. For groups of 10 or fewer, pick up at least 2, possibly 3 bottles of each wine. It’s better to have leftovers than to run out. Grab an extra bottle or two for one of these wine tasting party games to play while you sip.

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Duckhorn Sauvignon Blancvia

Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc

Serve this bright yet ripe fruit-forward sauvignon blanc ($26) in a flight of similarly expressive wines like riesling and warmer climate chardonnay. With its combination of ripe citrus, melon and white flowers, this sauvignon blanc will be absolutely divine with these seafood appetizers.

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