Your Guide to Engagement Party Etiquette: 16 Do’s and Don’ts

Your Guide to Engagement Party Etiquette: 16 Do’s and Don’ts

An engagement party is the best way for new fiances to celebrate a huge milestone, but planning the soiree can be a little intimidating.

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Your Engagement Party Guide

Congratulations! You—or someone you know—is engaged. But now what? If you’ve got more questions than answers about an engagement party, like what to do, what to wear, what to eat, who to invite and whether or not you should bring (or expect) a gift, have no fear. We’ve got the top dos and don’ts when it comes to engagement party etiquette.

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Do Keep It Informal

Ultimately, it’s up to the couple when it comes to the type of engagement party they’d like to have—but many agree the affair should be more of an informal one. Instead of confining guests to one specific table, engagement parties should follow a cocktail party menu, complete with a buffet-style set up or self-serve finger foods. This way, everyone is free to walk around and engage in the fun and well wishes.

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Don’t Expect Gifts

Sure, being engaged comes with a ton of perks—and receiving thoughtful gifts is definitely one of them—but guests shouldn’t be expected to bring presents. Still, while it’s not required to bring a gift, many will want to. So if you’re hosting, set aside a designated area for cards and presents…just in case!

If the couple feels uncomfortable accepting gifts, direct guests to give to a cause instead. On the invite, suggest that guests bring one of these items that food banks need most. Be sure to set up a station to accept the donations when guests enter, so they don’t have to carry around canned food the entire party.

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